Online credit courses are a convenient way to complete prerequisites, fulfill requirements, enhance career skills, or explore personal topics of interest. Generally, one credit is equal to one hour of “class” time and one hour of homework each week. This varies from individual to individual and does not include study time.

How to Find a Course

  1. Open the University of Minnesota Schedule Builder tool.
  2. Select the "Campus" where you would like to take a course.
  3. Select the term when you would like to take a course.
  4. Click on "Class Search" in the left sidebar menu.
  5. Click on "Instruction Mode" under the Class Search options.
  6. Check "Completely Online."
  7. Click on the blue Search bar.
  8. Browse by course level (1000-4000 level courses are considered undergraduate).
  9. Click on “Show sections” button to see course section details.
  10. Once you’ve found your course and section number, follow the How to Register for a Credit Course instructions.

Go to Schedule Builder

Screenshot of Schedule Builder with campus and term circled
Screenshot of Schedule Builder with campus and term circled

Other Search Options

After you've chosen a campus and semester, you may search:

  • by subject. Select “Subjects” in the left sidebar menu. This will bring up a list of subjects and their abbreviations for that campus.
  • for certain words. Click on "Class Search" then scroll down to "Keywords".
  • by course number. Click on "Class Search" then select Course Number.

Important! Remember to check that the course section you want is offered online.

Transferring Credits

The Transfer Credit resource page has information about how to transfer credits in a variety of scenarios, including as a current U of M Student, as a non-U of M Student, or as part of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum. Whatever your situation, we recommend speaking with an academic advisor prior to registering for any course for which you hope to transfer credit or apply to a specific program.

How Much Will It Cost to Take an Online Course?

The cost of U of M online credit courses varies depending on several factors, including your current U of M student status and the college and campus offering the course. To calculate your fees, contact One Stop Student Services for the campus offering the program: Crookston, Duluth, Morris, Rochester, or Twin Cities.


Ready to take the next step? Read How to Register for a Credit Course and follow the instructions specific to your situation.

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