• On-Campus Component
  • Cost
    $1,593.00 per credit (resident, part-time), $2,465.00 per credit (nonresident, part-time)
  • Total Credits
  • Credential
    Graduate Degree
  • Application Deadlines
    See program website
  • Campus
    Twin Cities
  • College
    School of Public Health
  • Department
    Epidemiology and Community Health

The MS in Clinical Research program is a graduate degree as well as a career development path for physician-scientists, clinical scholars, and biomedical researchers.

The program trains you to conduct patient-oriented research, directly interacting with human subjects to better understand disease, the development of therapeutic interventions, and the conduct of clinical trials. You will learn how to conduct epidemiological and behavioral studies and understand issues related to outcomes-based research, and also develop grant writing and data analytic skills.

Sample Courses

  • PUBH 6301 – Fundamentals of Clinical Research
  • PUBH 6307 – Clinical Epidemiology
  • PUBH 7420 – Clinical Trials
  • PUBH 6450 – Biostatistics I

Online Catalog

Career Outlook

There is increasing demand for well-trained individuals who can design, implement, and interpret clinical research studies. Graduates go on to be academic physicians and principal investigators at major academic institutions around the country. Some of our graduates are industry leaders.