• On-Campus Component
  • Cost
    $1,539 per credit (part-time); $9,234 full-time (6–14 credits)
  • Total Credits
  • Credential
    Graduate Degree
  • Admission GPA
  • Application Deadlines
    March 15
  • Campus
    Twin Cities
  • Department
    Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing

Health Coaching is an emerging method of partnering with clients to achieve their overall goals. It is practiced from a holistic perspective that sees each person as being intrinsically whole and the ultimate expert in their healing journey. Graduates of this program are trained to be leaders in the health coaching discipline and work in numerous practice settings, including hospitals, clinics, health educational facilities, community centers, senior living centers, fitness venues, corporations, schools, and private practice.

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Program Format

All coursework is offered in a blended format, having a combination of online courses and in-person intensives, which require visits to campus no more than two weekends per semester. Students take a common set of core classes and have an opportunity to do a minor in another department or have an area of concentration from among many options at CSH.


Required Courses (or their equivalents)

  • CSPH 5101 – Introduction to Integrative Therapies and Healing Practices (3 cr)
  • CSPH 5701 – Fundamentals of Health Coaching I (2 cr)
  • CSPH 5702 – Fundamentals of Health Coaching II (4 cr)
  • CSPH 5703 – Health Coaching Practicum I (1 cr)
  • CSPH 5704 – Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Health & Wellbeing (3 cr)
  • CSPH 5708 – Mind-Body Science and Trauma-Informed Mental Health (3 cr)
  • CSPH 5709 – Health and Wellness Coaching for Groups (2 cr)
  • CSPH 5714 – Health Behavior Change Theory and Lifestyle Medicine (3 cr)
  • CSPH 5715 – Leadership and Evidence-based Decision Making (2 cr)
  • CSPH 5716 – Health Coaching Practicum II (1 cr)
  • CSPH 8701 – Internship (3 cr)
  • CSPH Elective (1 cr)
  • PUBH 6751 – Principles of Management in Health Services Organizations (2 cr)
    CSPH 5707 – Coaching People with Clinical Conditions (2 cr) (for those without a health background)

Electives (1 credit to be selected from CSPH or Minor coursework)

Prerequisites for Admission


  • BA or BS in a health-related field
  • BA or BS in an unrelated field with the following University of Minnesota coursework or equivalent from another accredited college or university: one basic course in Human Physiology, one basic course in Psychology


  • Coursework in or applied work experience with basic medical terminology
  • School or work/life experience with communication skills and human resources management
  • School or work demonstration of strong written communication skills