• On-Campus Component
  • Cost
    $557.55 per credit
  • Total Credits
    Minimum 15
  • Credential
  • Admission GPA
  • Application Deadlines
    Priority deadline for spring: December 15; priority deadline for summer: April 15
  • Campus
    Twin Cities
  • College
    College of Education and Human Development
  • Department
    Curriculum and Instruction

In the undergraduate Learning Technologies minor, you will develop expertise in using digital media and online technologies to promote learning and creativity in your career field and daily life. And you will gain a critical understanding of their social, cultural, educational, and professional impacts.


The minor consists of three required core courses and two electives (minimum of 15 credits total).

Core curriculum and instruction courses (9 credits):

  • CI 3342 – Social Media and Connected Learning
  • CI 4311W – Technology and Ethics in Society
  • CI 4312 – Sex, Drugs, and the Internet: Educational Perspectives

Additional elective courses (6 credits):

Two additional electives in a complementary area such as journalism; design; computer science; educational psychology; organizational leadership, policy, and development; history; and philosophy. Electives are chosen from an approved list.

See the detailed curriculum and approved electives in the course catalog.

Career Outlook

As digital technologies become a necessity in almost every field, learning how to leverage them to communicate, research, design collaborative spaces, and become fluent in social and mobile learning will position you to become a technically, ethically, and socially skilled leader in your chosen field.

Students majoring in communications, business and marketing, social sciences, design, computer science, and education fields will be prepared with practical skills to enter the workforce and add immediate value to your organization or personal creative endeavors.