• On-Campus Component
  • Cost
    $441.50 per credit before fees
  • Total Credits
  • Credential
  • Application Deadlines
    Summer: May 15; Fall: August 1
  • Campus
  • Department
    Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education

The Humanities Minor is intended to complement major programs of study presently offered at UMC. A minor in humanities helps students broaden and balance their chosen majors with skills such as creative thinking and expression. The minor enables students to recognize opportunities, think creatively, assemble resources, and plan and implement new initiatives in a wide variety of employment settings.


Sample Core Courses

  • HUM 1301 – Introduction to Humanities (3 cr)
  • HUM 2000 – Global Studies in Humanities (1–3 cr)
  • HUM 3310 – Culture and Technology (3 cr)
  • HUM 3000 – Global Seminar in Humanities (1–3 cr)

You will also choose four electives from the following categories:

  • Communication/Literature
  • History/Philosophy
  • Art/Culture and Diversity/Music