Leadership in Health Information Technology for Health Professionals Cert photo

Leadership in Health Information Technology for Health Professionals Certificate

  • Delivery: 
    Fully Online
  • Cost: 
    $973.75 per credit
  • Total credits: 
  • Credential: 
    Graduate Certificate
  • Admission GPA: 
  • Application deadlines: 
    April 1 for fall; November 1 for spring
  • Campus: 
    Twin Cities
  • College: 
    School of Nursing

This certificate provides health professionals with in-depth knowledge of interprofessional informatics, system design and analysis, databases, consumer informatics, clinical decision support, knowledge representation, and population health informatics.

Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to develop and teach program curricula for health informatics, as well as lead the successful deployment and use of health information technology in health systems. Program assignments will be customized to align with a student’s professional field, such as nursing, public health, medicine, pharmacy, and others.


  • NURS 5115 Interdisciplinary Healthcare Informatics (3 cr)
  • NURS 5116 Consumer Health Informatics (1 cr)
  • HINF 5510 Applied Health Care Databases: Database Principals and Data Evaluation (3 cr)
  • NURS 6105 System Analysis and Design (3 cr)
  • NURS 7105 Knowledge Representation & Interoperability (2 cr)
  • NURS 7108 Population Health Informatics (2 cr)
  • NURS 7113 Clinical Decision Support (2 cr)