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Are you a novice software developer eager to try your hand at cybersecurity? This specialization delves into essential security concepts and how they apply to cloud deployments. You’ll develop a proficiency for assessing cloud vulnerabilities and attack reports in the context of US national documentation standards. You'll become familiar with cloud provider documentation and how to apply security measures to major cloud cybersecurity risks. You also will learn to apply the appropriate cryptographic techniques to secure authentication mechanisms and cloud data, and assess strategies to address risks posed by administrative failures, such as misconfiguration, broken access control, vulnerable software components, and security monitoring. Familiarity with computer systems, software, and the internet is recommended.

All U of M Coursera courses, including those that are part of this specialization, may be taken individually.

The specialization takes approximately four months to complete at the suggested pace of three hours per week. Coursera for Minnesota gives U of M students, faculty, and staff free access to courses and specializations.