• On-Campus Component
  • Cost
    $491.00 per credit (MN resident); $700.40 per credit (nonresident)
  • Total Credits
  • Credential
    Undergraduate Certificate
  • Admission GPA
    2.0 or meet requirements for UMD admission
  • Application Deadlines
    Two weeks before the start date of the semester
  • Campus
  • College
    Labovitz School of Business and Economics

The Certificate in Business Administration (CBA) is a fully online set of eight modules that cover a broad range of areas to provide an overview of key business management processes. Students will gain a strong understanding of business fundamentals, become familiar with the vocabulary of business management, and be introduced to the challenges faced by managers and learn effective strategies to meet those challenges.

This program is designed specifically for:

  • Non-LSBE (Labovitz School of Business and Economics) students who are interested in gaining knowledge of business fundamentals without declaring a major or minor in business.
  • Students enrolled in the new Cultural Entrepreneurship program through the College of Liberal Arts, where these modules are integrated into their curriculum.
  • Pre-MBA students who do not have an undergraduate business degree prior to their admission to the MBA program and need to fulfill the prerequisites course requirements. 
  • Community business professionals who would like to brush up their knowledge of business fundamentals or have continuing education needs.

Curriculum (16 credits)

  • BUS 2100 – Fundamentals of Accounting
  • BUS 2200 – Fundamentals of Economics
  • BUS 2300 – Fundamentals of Operations Management
  • BUS 2400 – Fundamentals of Organizational Management
  • BUS 2500 – Fundamentals of Applied Statistics
  • BUS 2600 – Fundamentals of Financial Management
  • BUS 2700 – Fundamentals of Marketing
  • BUS 2800 – Fundamentals of Human Resource Management