Integrative Therapies and Healing Practices Certificate

Integrative Therapies and Healing Practices Certificate arms outstretched photo
Fully Online
Part time, per credit: $1,465.00 (MN resident); $2,267.00 (nonresident)
Total Credits
12 or 20 (Health Coaching track)
Graduate Certificate
Admission GPA
Application Deadlines
March 15
Twin Cities
Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing

This innovative, interdisciplinary graduate program is designed to expose health professionals to a global range of integrative, complementary, cross-cultural, and spiritual healing practices. The program draws upon the rich expertise of University- and community-based faculty who encourage and challenge students to discover new ways of caregiving, and to cultivate diverse skills that will transform their life's work, experiences, and relationships with others.

The certificate may be completed fully, primarily, or partially online.

Students may choose to pursue a primarily online Health Coaching track. Health Coaching is an emerging method of partnering with clients to achieve their overall goals. It is practiced from a holistic perspective that views each person as intrinsically whole and the ultimate expert in his or her healing journey. Graduates of the health coaching track of the certificate will work in a multitude of practice settings, including hospitals, clinics, health educational facilities, community centers, senior living centers, fitness venues, corporations, schools, and private practice.

Program Options

Students may choose to study a wide spectrum of topics or can individualize their coursework to focus on an area of interest, such as:

  • Health Coaching (formal track)
  • Clinical Applications
  • Leadership in Optimal Healing Environments
  • Nature-Based Therapeutics

This program can also be completed primarily or partially online or in person.


Twelve semester credits are required to complete the certificate. It is possible to complete all coursework online. A bachelor's degree in a health related-field is required for admission.

Required Courses

  • CSPH 5101 Introduction to Integrative Healing Practices (3 cr)
  • CSPH 5102 Art of Healing: Self as Healer (1 cr)
  • CSPH 5806 Well-Being and Resiliency for Health Professionals (1 cr)

Students choose the remaining credits from courses consistent with their academic training and professional goals.

Health Coaching Track

Twenty semester credits are required to complete this track. All coursework is offered in a blended format—a combination of online curriculum with in-person intensives. Students will be required to visit campus no more than two weekends per semester. A bachelor's degree in a health-related field is required for admission.

Required Courses

  • CSPH 5101 Introduction to Integrative Healing Practices (3 cr)
  • CSPH 5701 Fundamentals of Health Coaching I (4 cr)
  • CSPH 5702 Fundamentals of Health Coaching II (4 cr)
  • CSPH 5703 Advanced Health Coaching Practicum (3 cr)
  • CSPH 5704 Business of Health Coaching (2 cr)
  • CSPH 5705 Professional Internship in Health Coaching (2 cr)
  • CSPH 5706 Lifestyle Medicine (2 cr)

A Note About Tuition

Whether you will be charged resident or nonresident tuition varies depending on a combination of factors. Please contact the college you would like to attend for more details.