Clinical Research Certificate

Clinical Research Certificate

  • Delivery: 
    Partially Online
  • Cost: 
    $932.96 per credit (MN resident); $1,225.32 per credit (non-resident)
  • Total credits: 
  • Credential: 
    Graduate Certificate
  • Admission GPA: 
    3.0+ preferred
  • Application deadlines: 
    December 1 for spring; April 1 for summer; August 1 for fall
  • Campus: 
    Twin Cities
  • College: 
    School of Public Health

This certificate is designed for clinicians and other health professionals who have at least five years of relevant experience and who want to learn how to design, implement, and interpret clinical research studies. At the end of the program, students will be able to pose clinical research questions; review and critique literature in the field; utilize different study design approaches; understand research study implementation, data collection, and quality control; perform statistical design, analysis, and data interpretation; and know good clinical practice and the factors associated with the ethical conduct of research. The program can be completed in six terms, attending part time.

Required Courses

  • PubH 6301 Fundamentals of Clinical Research (in-person, fall)
  • PubH 6320 Fundamentals of Epidemiology (online or in-person)
  • PubH 6450 Biostatistics I (online or in-person, fall and spring)
  • PubH 6742 Ethics in Public Health: Research and Policy (online or in-person)
  • PubH 6303 Clinical Research Seminar (in-person, spring)
  • PubH 7415 Clinical Trials (online, summer or fall)

Career Outlook

The field of clinical and translational research is expanding, driven by changing disease patterns and emerging therapeutic approaches from the laboratory, clinical, and population sciences.

However, there are growing concerns about the quality and safety of research in humans. The result is an increasing demand for well-trained individuals who bring knowledge to the design, implementation, and interpretation of clinical research studies.

The need and demand reaches beyond Minnesota. The epidemiologic transition, which posits increasing numbers of chronic diseases throughout the developing world, expands the need for testing innovative and appropriate therapies.

The Clinical Research Certificate provides an opportunity for health professionals outside of the U.S. to receive proper training in clinical research methods as requested by the NIH.