Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate

Autism Spectrum Disorders Undergraduate Certificate

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    Fully Online
  • Cost: 
    $457.54 per credit (MN resident); $624.70 per credit (nonresident)
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  • Credential: 
    Undergrad Certificate
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  • College: 
    College of Education and Human Service Professions

This unique program is designed for special education teachers, prospective teachers, paraprofessionals, and other related professionals who work with children and youth with autism spectrum disorders. Participants will learn research based best practices in the field of ASD, consistent with Minnesota Department of Education competencies. The certificate should be completed in three semesters and must be taken in a specific order, starting in the summer.

This certificate is also offered at the graduate level. If you have completed a bachelor's degree, you may choose to earn the certificate at the undergraduate level. Once admitted to the undergraduate certificate, you will not be allowed to change your undergraduate certificate credits to graduate certificate credits at a later time.

Please note: This certificate program is not eligible for financial aid.

Required Courses

  • SpEd 4250 Foundations of Autism Spectrum Disorders (offered summer semester only)
  • SpEd 4270 Methods for Teaching Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders (offered fall semester only; prereq SpEd 4250)
  • SpEd 4260 Language and Social Skills for Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders (offered spring semester only; prereq 4250 and 4270)