Youth Work Matters: The Online Course

Youth Work Matters Online is for people who work with or on behalf of youth. The course takes an in-depth exploration into the foundational research and theories of positive youth development. It allows participants to interact with other youth development professionals. Activities include synchronized group time and individual exploration.  

The course covers three aspects of youth work:

  • The field of youth development
  • How to support youth needs
  • Your role as a youth worker

The content comes from real youth work experience and research-based material.

How it works:

Each week (Monday through Sunday) a new set of modules will be available for cohort participants to work on as their schedule permits. Setting aside time to work through course content each week is essential to this learning environment. Although the activities in each module (pre-recorded presentation, discussion boards, readings, etc.) can be completed on the learner's own time, it is expected that all participants keep up with the content for that week. Participants are encouraged to plan ahead and put designated time for the course on their calendar. Participants should expect to spend 3 to 4 hours a week on the course, though not necessarily in one block of time.

There are also opportunities to learn together at the same time in this course during three live webinars. Note: All webinars are recorded to view later, in case you need to miss one.

Participants will experience both interactive and self-paced learning by:

  • Interacting with module presentations
  • Participating in live webinars
  • Engaging in discussion boards with other youth workers
  • Exploring articles, videos and websites supporting course content