Veterinary Pharmacotherapy: Neurology/Behavioral and Advanced Topics

pstrongVeterinary Pharmacotherapy: Neurology/Behavioral and Advanced Topics, /strongModule 1, covers seizure disorder, intervertebral disease, and vestibular disease; we will also discuss separation anxiety (medication and behavioral modification therapies).br /
In Module 2, Cardiology,nbsp;wersquo;ll discussnbsp;the treatment of heartworm disease, atrioventricularnbsp;valve dysplasia, and aortic /
Module 3,nbsp;Nephrology/Urinary, covers the most common problems cats and dogs have withnbsp;the genitourinary tract, including iFLUTD (idiopathic feline lower urinary tract disease), nephrolithiasis (kidney stones) and urinary tract obstruction (a common result of stones),nbsp;renal failure, incontinence, and dietary considerations./p