Timely Topic - Managing Risks at Events with Comprehensive Planning

pspan id="docs-internal-guid-b1b9db5c-de4e-c13d-82a1-4f66230cd10c"In this session, students will learn how to respond to weather emergencies, handle protesters and use of drones, among others. Students will also understand the components of risk for events of any size, how disasters can be avoided, and how to look for precursors to problems. Students will have the opportunity to draft an Emergency Operations Plan for their own events or an event they are interested in. This session is ideal for event planners, city officials, police, fire, emergency management and volunteers who host or work on events. The course will be taught by Angela Mens-Eastman, an expert on festival and event risk management and emergency response. /spanAngela is a certified Emergency Manager and is currently employed as an Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for Washington County, MN. She is also serving as a consultant for the Emergency Management Program at the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC)./p