SFS Course 3: Between Farm and Table

This course is part of the Sustainable Food Systems Certificate. Click here to view the full certificate.

Course 3: Between Farm and Table

We have become accustomed to an international diet, foods from all over the world, and foods out of season for our own region. Are the methods of food production we depend on degrading the ecological base in other countries? Is our demand for cheap food costing some a living wage and basic access to health care and education? Why does local food matter? In Course 3, Between Farm and Table, begin to explore the practices used to grow food in a large scale industrial system. Discover the types of businesses that are focusing on local foods and why. Examine factors driving the growth of sustainable foods consumption in schools and hospitals. Discover how growing vegetables in school gardens is benefitting students across the country and why processing can be a significant barrier to integrating local whole foods into hospital menu plans.