Project Management for IT

Project management refers to the art or science of directing projects. This course focuses more specifically on how project management concepts can be applied to IT projects, as well as on project management issues that are unique to IT projects. It reviews the concepts, methodologies, and tools of project management as it relates to IT. Students will also learn about fundamentals, such as integration management, scope, costing, quality, human resources, risk management, and /
This course contains eight comprehensive module quizzes and a 56-question Final Assessment spanning IT project management areas of knowledge. You will learn the technical processes that might be applied during the IT project lifecycle and the importance of scope control for IT projects. You will be able to differentiate between various techniques for managing the project schedule and to use cost estimation methods, Earned Value Management, portfolio management, and several maturity models. You will learn various approaches for team building and communication, and how to manage project risk.