Online: Introduction to Occupational Hygiene: Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and Guidelines

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This module and all other modules in the Occupational and Nanotechnology Health and Safety Series require that you first complete PubH X600: Occupational and Nanotechnology Health and Safety Pre-course Survey; There are 19 modules in the series. You will only need to complete the survey one time regardless of the number of modules you chose to complete./p

p(This module is one of 5 units comprising the first section of METPHAST: Introduction to Occupational Hygiene.nbsp; There are 15 modules on Nanotechnology Health and Safety, as well. See the section quot;Additional Informationquot; for more details about these modules.)/p

pThis module will explain the current health and safety regulations and guidelines set forth by governing agencies and organizations, including information on occupational exposure limits./p