Online: Diversity and Succession Planning

Do we have skilled and richly diverse staff to serve our clients and our mission tomorrow? To plan our organizational future, we need tools, methods and a format for conversations that identify, foster and grow our talent. And, our plans need to ensure a talent base that reflects all aspects of diversity people, cultures and /
This workshop is designed to prepare the participants as leaders in their respective public health organizations to both prepare for and take part in structured leadership presentations and conversations about their succession plans. And, the format of the training and exercises shows the participants how to integrate workforce and leadership diversity into each step of their /
The workshop components include an overview of succession planning with mini-exercises to try out the concepts, explanation of a seven-step succession and diversity presentation method, a review of how staff development activities tie to succession planning work, introduction of templates for succession planning, and a deep dive into the methods for integrating diversity and cultural competence work into succession analysis./p

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