This is How I Think: Incorporating the Pharmacists' Patient Care Process into Experiential Teaching

As a preceptor, you work hard to make each patient interaction meaningful for students during experiential learning but you may feel like you donrsquo;t always have the tools to empower students to transition from what they learned in the classroom to practical application with patients. Although the Pharmacistsrsquo; Patient Care Process (PPCP) is now a required component of pharmacy studentsrsquo; course work both in the classroom and out on their experiential rotations, preceptors may not have had the opportunity to learn the skills to translate the PPCP to their day-to-day work. Preceptors are likely familiar with and already use the concepts of the PPCP in their practice, but are usually doing so without explicitly calling out the steps of the process. This webinar will provide background about the importance of practicing and teaching a consistent PPCP. Participants will learn practical skills to incorporate the PPCP into their experiential precepting of APPEs, IPPEs, and internships.