Food Justice

The Sustainable Food Systems course is intended to meet the needs of emerging and experienced food systems practitioners who are seeking an educationally-sound, yet convenient means of developing a set of core competencies in the field.


The non-credit Sustainable Food Systems Certificate offering not only documents and disseminates sustainable food systems best practices via a highly accessible, affordable curriculum but also facilitates peer-to-peer connections among food systems practitioners throughout the United States. Program participants will gain practical insight from each other’s success stories, actively contribute to the learning community’s knowledge bank, and develop working relationships in order to create shared perspectives, policies, and resources that ultimately strengthen regional food systems and lead to increased food justice and security across the United States.

Course Developer

Clare Hintz is a certified permaculture design instructor.  She owns Elsewhere Farm, an organic farm focusing on perennial crops near the Apostle Islands.  During the quieter months of winter in northern Wisconsin, Clare teaches sustainable agriculture courses at local colleges near her farm.  She holds a B.A. Degree in Biology and Writing, an M.S. Degree in Science in Sustainable Systems and a Ph.D. in sustainability education and regenerative agriculture.


Elsewhere Farm features perennial fruits and nuts along with diversified produce, herbs and flowers, selling to a local CSA and general store. Seasoned in sustainability, Clare employs a variety of permaculture design techniques and practices as well as a winter greenhouse and hoop houses to extend the growing season.